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JDub was a not for profit that forged vibrant connections to Judaism through music, media, and events. Founded by Aaron Bisman and Ben Hesse, it operated a kick-ass record label whose music is now available through The Orchard. JDub operated from 2002 to 2012.

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    Look familiar? While the first issue of Heeb Magazine was released before The Socalled Seder, JDub’s release was actually an expanded version of a concept piece Socalled had created years earlier.  We got our hands on it in 2001…

    The SoCalled Seder: A Hip Hop Haggadah
    Released May 2005

    SoCalled is a true auteur and the Seder proved it.  He agreed to expand the concept piece into a full album with the help of many friends including David Krakauer, Susan Hoffman Watts, Killah Priest, and Matisyahu.  The album’s homage to Nate Dogg is entirely intentional

    Posted on Wednesday, June 26th 2013